Paeonia tenuifolia L. ( incl. P. biebersteiniana Rupr., P. carthaalinica Ketzch., P. lithophila Kotov)


A threatened with extinction  narrow-leaved peony. It comes from the Ukraine, the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor. It is widely spread in Bulgaria mostly in the Danube Plane, North - eastern Bulgaria and the Sofia field. The stem is erect, hairy with finely divided fernlike foliage, not branching. It is blossoms are not big of about 3-5 cm in diameter deep red single or double flowers. It is stamens are numerous with yellow anthers. It reaches a height of 30-50 cm and has creeping root system.

The peony grows in grassy places, rarely in carbonate ground shrubs in rich soil. It blooms very early in May or June. Difficult to propagate.