IFF “ Bojurite “


Kubrat is situated in the middle of west “Ludogorie” on high amoebae look live plateau 235 meters above the sea-level. Situated within the municipality of Kubrat is such a reserve, called Mustereka.

This reserve is a natural field of wild peonies (the Paeonia Peregrina Mill). This reserve is 50 dekares in area and is the only one of its kind in the region. The village and Belovets, 40 km southeast or Russe and 45 km northwest of Razgard is nearby wild peony reserve. By virtue of the low № 1187/19.04.1976 from Ministry of woods and wood industry the area is protected nature place. It is near village Belovets ( 5-6 km ) it borders village Smirnenski and Glodgevo, Russe Region. The wild Paeonia blooms at the end of April and in the beginning of May.

Year in order, in beginning of May, more of one hundred people – singers and dancers are go in red sea from bloom peony. With people’s dress with beauty and youth of participant with beautiful singers and manners, this moments are convert in true people’s holyday.

Year in order, in this place are lead International folklore festival “ Bojurite “. In him are get participation folklores composition from Republic Greece, Republic Macedonia, Republic Turkey, Republic Romania, Kingdom Sweden and Republic Bulgaria.

Folklore festival in 2002 year 

International folklore festival “ Bojurite “ in 2003 year 

International folklore festival “ Bojurite “ in 2004 year 

Regulations of participation in International folklore festival “Bojurite“ in 2006 year