About us

The authors of this site is Tihomil Kulev – student in PTG “Shandor Petofi” Razgrad The page is created to introduce the author in National competition of WEB design “The Unknown Bulgaria“ in April 2005 in Lovech. The page hasn’t pretensions for fullness and it is without necessary scientific facts. For the consent are used administration facts from Municipality Kubrat and facts from Internet. In the page I introduced you a small part of all famous kinds of Peonies although with the help genetic end engineering daily new and more beautiful kinds appear.

I pay much attention in “Mustereka” area and International folklore festival “Bojurite“ near village Belovets. I separated a special place to show how you can take part in the competition.

I hope my page will help Internet users, and make popular a little known beautiful area with unique flora in “Ludogorieto” and to make the festival more abroad, and for creating other educational sites, which are connected with flora and to protect the beautiful places in Bulgarian nature.

This site was mode with the great help of Mr. Remzi Halilov- the mayor Municipality of Kubrat, Mrs. Neli Stefanova – informational technologys teacher, Mrs. Dimitrichka Hristova – Russian language teacher, Mr. Ismail Aptulov – Turkish language teacher and Mrs. Nina Tzoneva – English language teacher.

I will appreciate it if you express your opinions, suggestions and marks about the site in our e-mail : tkulev@abv.bg .