International folklore festival “ Bojurite “ in 2003 year


Under the patronage of Mr. Remzi Halilov, the current mayor of the municipality of Kubrat, the folk festival became an international celebration in 2003. Kubrat’s twin towns, such as Bursa (Turkey), Trikala (Greece) and Omol (Sweden) were invited and participated in the festival.

Kubrat has had an established relationship with these towns for the past few years. During the spring of 2000, agreement was signet between Kubrat and Geuruklieu. Since then, every year our groups from the villages of Bisertci, Zvinartci, Belovets, and the city of Kubrat, partake in festivals and concerts.

The partnership between Kubrat and Omol (Sweden) has existed since 1994. In May, 2000, a folk group from Saint Cyril and Metodii Community Center took part in the international folk festival. The Bulgarian group received a very warm applause from the audience. When the group from Trikala (Greece) was introduced, the youngsters from the group demonstrated excellent dancing abilities and part of their rich history.

Groups from the municipalities of Razgrad, Isperih, Samuil, Tsar Kaloyan, and Kubrat once again participated. The number of participants has increased to 420. To show everyone’s appreciation, certificates, souvenirs, and monetary prizes were presented